Mesa Verde Voices

I produce and host Mesa Verde Voices, a podcast about the ancient past and why it matters in the present for visitors to the Four Corners region. Mesa Verde Voices is a project of KSJD Dryland Community Radio, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Mesa Verde Museum Association. Listen here.

Misc. Radio Stories

Was advice for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome all wrong? | WHYY’s The Pulse | October 2016

A battle over bringing local renewables to rural electric co-ops | InsideEnergy | September 2016

West of 100

West of 100 was a podcast I hosted, produced and curated for High Country News. Below is a sampling of episodes.

Lost and Found Waterways

Rediscovering the forgotten rivers and streams of Los Angeles and Tucson.

The Sound of Silence

The world is getting noisier. Should we worry?

The Excursions Episode

Thought-provoking jaunts to inspire your own Western wanderings this summer: a visit to Utah’s Sun Tunnels; a peek into modern hobo culture; and a beginner’s guide to hitchhiking.

Droughts Past, Present and Future

An oral history of the 1950s drought in West Texas, and a look at what the 2000 to 2004 drought could portend for the future.